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Another Egg Recall, Another Indictment of Factory Egg Operations

Another Egg In The Basket

Less than three months after two Iowa farms recalled millions of eggs, news of yet another egg recall came from Ohio this week. The nation's largest egg distributor Cal-Maine Foods, says it's recalling nearly 300,000 eggs from supplier Ohio Fresh Eggs in Croton after testing showed the presence of salmonella in an egg. Sources say no illnesses have been reported. The contaminated eggs were distributed in Arkansas, California, Illinois, Iowa, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas.

The Ohio farm has been linked financially to Austin "Jack" DeCoster, whose Iowa-based Wright County Egg made recall headlines in August.

Live Footage From The Coop

Activists are ramping up efforts to expose inhumane conditions in egg production farms. This week, Treehugger reported that a hidden webcam embedded in an Israeli factory farm that calls itself organic is broadcasting footage of confined hens 24 hours a day. It shows hens confined to cages 40 cm long, 33 cm wide and 45 cm high, spaces so mall they cannot stretch their wings or stand upright.

Exactly how the group Anonymous For Animal Rights smuggled in a webcam and where it is concealed remain a mystery. The farmers are looking for it, but they can't seem to find it.

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