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Early Gardening: Growing Potatoes In Baskets

potato plants

Around St. Patrick's Day, I fill up my baskets with potato seeds. You could use any type of basket, whether it's plastic, terracotta or an old wooden orchard baskets. Fill it up with a nice composted material and add your seed potatoes.

  1. Cut the seed potatoes into little pieces. Make sure each piece has a few of the eyes on it.
  2. Let the pieces dry out for a day or two so they build a moisture barrier.
  3. Plant them eyes up in your compost.

This way of growing potatoes keeps them protected from pests like moles.

Another great thing about this method is the potatoes are so easy to harvest. All you have to do is dump the basket out and you'll have a bunch of potatoes. Then when you're ready to make that potato salad for Fourth of July, they'll be ready.

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