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Drew Ramsey Talks Nutrition, Green Tomatoes Vine To Fryer

bowl of green tomatoes

I think the Hoosier in me always comes back to common sense, that if something is a neurotoxin designed to kill insects, I don't want that on my food.

That's Dr. Drew Ramsey. He has a new book out claiming that the path to a happy, healthy brain goes through your stomach. I'll chat with him about what we should be eating and what we shouldn't.

Camille Phillips of Harvest Public Media examines the link between the rise of GMO crops in the U.S. with the growing number of children with food allergies.

Then we visit with two gardeners who give tips for amending the soil in your garden in preparation for next year's tomato plants.

And Chef Daniel Orr puts those last few green tomatoes on the vine to good use in a fried green tomato recipe.

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