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Elegant Meals For One

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February The 14th

Valentine's Day brings out different emotions in different people. I find it mildly annoying personally. I'm not a fan of the color pink, and heart-shaped products make my eyes roll.

But I'm not sad or wistful on Valentine's Day like some. I don't give in to pressure from television commercials or giant in-store displays that try to make me feel alone instead of just single. I am happy to make myself dinner -- just me.

These four recipes are special and yet still easy enough for a Tuesday night. So pour a glass of wine, turn on your favorite tunes and treat yourself.

Steamed Quinoa, White Bean Salad With Sage and Pan-Fried Winter Squash

This vegetarian meal combines in-season winter squash with that health powerhouse of grains, quinoa.

Technically this makes a little more than one serving, so you can expect to have some leftovers for lunch or dinner tomorrow.

Get this New York Times recipe here, and check out other elegant and healthy meals-for-one here.

Linguine With Shrimp And White Wine

This quick meal easily accommodates substitutions and additions. Skip the shrimp if you're vegetarian, add a simple green salad and feel free to do what I did -- swap out the white pasta for whole wheat.

You can whip up the recipe here from Delish in under 20 minutes.

Pan-Fried Sirloin With Smashed Potatoes And Anchovy Sauce

Famished? This hearty meal makes a good-size serving.

Meat, potatoes and savory anchovy sauce -- and it's all ready to go in about half-an-hour.

Find the recipe here from Serious Eats.

What recipes do you enjoy? Share your feelings below!

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