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DIY: Homemade Baked Granola

Homemade Granola With Strawberries

Ever since my father retired, he has become more adventuresome in the kitchen. Now when I come home for a visit, instead of piles and piles of packaged chocolates and cookies on the counter, I find bags of his homemade granola.

Truth be told, I prefer an egg on toast for breakfast, but this granola is making me think hard about changing up my routine. When I do deviate from my norm, I combine the granola with warm oats and soy milk. It's also very tasty served with a dollop of yogurt and some strawberry slices. And just yesterday, I simply grabbed a handful (or two) to cut my mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

My father has said his favorite way to eat it is sprinkled over top a scoop of Jeni's Pistachio & Honey ice cream. I guess this means it's not just for breakfast!

Note: My father recommends being generous with the cinnamon, pecans, vanilla extract and fruit.

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