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DIY Cheese, New Ground Farm, Colo. Ranch Run By Nuns

making mozzarella

I defy you to find cream that is not ultra-pasteurized. I looked. I probably killed 20 minutes in the grocery store trying to find any cream product that wasn't ultra-pastuerized and I could not do it.

Robyn Morton perseveres and makes butter and paneer with the ultra-pasteurized milk products she bought at her grocery store. She runs into some troubles when she tries to use it for mozzarella, though. Sit in on her Basic Dairy Making class with us today.

Goat cheese is the base for Daniel Orr's fancy homemade cheese ball.

Benedictine nuns run a successful ranch in Colorado, that story from Harvest Public Media.

And, on the farm with Mike Record. For him, getting USDA Certified Organic is about growing healthy soil and also lots and lots of paperwork.

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