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How Does Your Diet Affect The Environment?

"Eating the Earth" compares the environmental impact of average Italian, American, and Malaysian diets.

Some of their findings:

  • The average Malaysian Diet uses the least amount of grazing land, eats the most roots and tubers, and consumes the least amount of dairy.
  • The average Italian Diet eats the most cereals.
  • The average American Diet eats the most amounts of meats and dairies, and uses the most amount of grazing land and carbon emissions.

WWF and GOOD calculated the amount of resources the diets will consume based on how many resources are available on the Earth, and found that by 2050 people eating Malaysian Diets will need 2.48 Earths worth of resources, people eating Italian Diets will need 3.58 Earths, and people eating American Diets will need 3.74 earths.

You can download the entire graphic here: Eating the Earth

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  • Living Planet Report Infographics (WWF)
  • Infographic: How Your Diet Affects the Planet (GOOD)

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