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Deadly Listeria Cases Linked To Contaminated Celery, Plant Closure

Deadly Listeria Cases Linked to Contaminated Celery

Only weeks after the egg salmonella outbreak, another deadly foodborne illness has hit the country. Sangar Produce & Processing in San Antonio was recently shut down by the state of Texas after an outbreak of Listeria monocytogenes in celery made ten people sick, five of whom died.

Health inspectors cited unsanitary conditions at the plant, which again echos the ghastly state of the Iowa chicken farms. A food safety overhaul bill has been stalling in the Senate for months which would give the Food and Drug Administration the increased ability to examine food producers and trace contaminated products as well as the power to force a recall. The bill is supported across party lines, but critics say that it needs to be stronger.

Celery and other produce of the Texas company were sold to hospitals, restaurants, and schools.

With an ever-expanding population and greater demands for food, regulating food safety will be a continuing challenge.

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