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Creative Leftovers, Indiana's Burgeoning Food World, CAFOs

shredded turkey

You have this bi-play going on between very large agricultural operations and small, artisanal operations at the very same time. This creates a certain tension without doubt.

That's author David Hoppe. He says large and small farms can learn a lot from each other's strengths and weaknesses. He's joined by photographer Kristin Hess to talk about their new book of profiles of farmers, producers, chefs and hunger advocates, Food For Thought: An Indiana Harvest.

Harvest Public Media goes to Iowa to report on the increasing number of CAFOs in the state.

We talk to a cookbook author who teaches us how to sprout quinoa. And speaking of which, following a decadent Thanksgiving, we take it easy with a couple recipes using quinoa. One will help you use up the remaining shards of turkey.

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