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Five Costumed Creations For Halloween Happenings

Back O' Jack O' Lantern

Happy Halloween from Earth Eats! Get into costume, if you aren't already. Here are five foods that are "costumed" as well.

DIY Peanut Butter Pumpkins

If you can move past the soaring price of peanut butter, treat yourself to homemade chocolate peanut butter pumpkins. Miss Make shares her love for all things seasonal, including the Reese's peanut butter pumpkin.

Now take it one step further and make it yourself.

The basic recipe is like a buckeye -- peanut butter in the middle dipped in chocolate. Only instead of dipping little balls of peanut butter candy into melted chocolate, the peanut butter is rolled out and cut with a tiny pumpkin cookie cutter.

Can't find a tiny pumpkin cutter? Any shape will do.

For the recipe, see Make Your Own Reese's Pumpkins by Miss Make.

Pumpkin Pie? Try Pumpkin Cake

This cake baked inside a pumpkin will make all other cakes jealous.

Serious Eats shared this carrot cake baked inside a pumpkin. Yes, a real 3-pound pumpkin.

Clean a pumpkin, then prepare the cake batter. Within an hour, you'll have a delicious cake masqarading as a gourd.

Bake your own cake-in-a-pumpkin here.

Cookie Candy Corn

Serious Eats makes another showing on this list with Cakespy's Tri-Color Candy Corn Cookies.

Love it or leave it, candy corn makes its way into seasonal candy dishes when the leaves start to turn. The autumnal tri-color scheme is recognizable, and mimicked in these cookies.

The almond-flavored cookie batter is split into three, dying one yellow and one orange. Cooking all three flat, they are stacked and held together with apricot preserves.

Take your candy corn to a more sophisticated level by following the recipe here.

Spooky Savories

Costumed foods don't have to be sweet -- these savory bat wings will make guests (or your family) take a second look.

No, Earth Eats isn't recommending you eat bat -- the creatures have enough to deal with.

Instead, Martha Stewart concocted chicken wings she served as part of a Monster Buffet. Chicken wings are marinated in a combination of soy sauce, oyster sauce, black bean sauce and black food coloring to give them the appearance of the nocturnal creature.

Dare to try them? Find Martha Stewart's Bat Wings recipe here.

Are You Watching Your Drink? Or Is Your Drink Watching You?

After candy, cake, cookies, and wings, you're going to be thirsty. Enter the humble punch bowl -- with a creepy surprise.

The Eyeball Ice Ring from Better Homes and Gardens means your drink is watching you. The eye is made of kiwi, a black olive slice, and pineapple while red candy laces make up the veins. Using two bowls, the ice is frozen into a peeper that not only cools your drink, but gives you the chills.

For exact instructions, go here.

There you have it -- five spooky, fun costumed creations. What are your favorite Halloween creations? Share below!

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