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Corn And Black Bean Fritters

corncakes and salsa and crema

On Monday I wanted to have a nice, sit-down dinner. I know it may sound crazy to do this on the day I go back to work but there is something to be said about gathering at the table after a long day and sharing a meal. It forces us all to be still, unplug and talk, using words, not emails and texts.

I like to prepare a meatless dish at least two nights a week. I never set out to do this, it just happens. It is far easier to accomplish this in the warmer months when fresh food and produce are most abundant.

One such family favorite is the corn fritter. Simple, easy and tasty this little corn cake packs a powerful punch of flavor. Add whatever fresh herbs you have, top with a fresh salsa and a little crema and you have a nice, light meal!

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