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Cool Down With Two Refreshing Summer Cocktails

Earth Eats founder and former Host and Producer Annie Corrigan tastes a refreshing mint julep, prepared by Chef Daniel Orr (WFIU)

A few weeks ago, we made three non-alcoholic summer beverages that would please kids just as much as parents, but today, adults only!

Two cocktails that utilize fresh herbs from the garden, and a look at a fast-growing hobby among do-it-yourself'ers – home brewing.

Homebrewing And History

People of different cultures have been making their own batches of beer for over ten thousand years, starting in early Neolithic times. Josephine McRobbie went to the UpCup, a homebrewing competition at Upland Brewing Company in Bloomington to learn more.

Listen: Home Brewers Compete For Hopped Glory In Upland Brewery's UpCup

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Frozen Mint Julep

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