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Cold Brew Coffee Craze, Greens With Sesame, On-Call Farmer


I don't want to tell a chef the second week of June, or the third week of June, ‘I have ten pounds of green beans for you.' And then the next week I have another ten pounds, and then ‘Oh, sorry I'm out of beans for the next three weeks.'

Farmer Teresa Birtles has had to be meticulous with her planning -- starting back in December when she buys seeds -- to make sure she gives her chef customers what they need. She tells us how a conversation at the farmers market kicked off one of her most consistent business partnerships.

Kale and bok choy and cooked with Asian flavors, in Chef Daniel Orr's kitchen.

Harvest Public Media with a story about how renovations to the Panama Canal could affect Midwestern farmers.

And, cold brew coffee for sale on the streets -- at 11:00 at night! I stay up past my bedtime peddling caffeine with the young entrepreneur behind Uel Zing.

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