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Claudia Roden, Mistletoe Loves Apple Trees, Fire-Roast Duck

mistletoe on apple trees

Everybody was exchanging recipes and saying, ‘I'll never see you again. Can you give me that recipe for your chocolate cake?' And people also said, ‘I'll give you my recipe because I want you to remember me.'

Food writer Claudia Roden collected recipes from Jewish refugees in the 1950s and 60s. That became her first book, A Book Of Middle Eastern Food. Since then she's written eleven food books. She's in the studio with us today.

Chef Daniel Orr is cooking for the holidays already. It's duck and parsnip soup on the menu.

From Harvest Public Media, the problem of transporting all the grain from this year's harvest.

And, mistletoe is a nuisances to orchardists in England. We'll hear how they turn it into some extra holiday spending money.

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