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Chipotle Is Running Low On Chickens With Integrity

Flown The Coop

For some unknown reason, Chipotle's supply of "naturally raised" chicken is running out.

A spokesman for Chipotle told the Orange County Register that the chain had experienced a "disruption" in its supply of naturally raised chicken, but the company is working to resolve the problem.

Not Your Typical Fast Food

In a recent interview, founder of Chipotle Steven Ells says he wanted the Mexican grill to be different then other fast food restaurants.

"I witnessed ... animals endure terrible brutality and suffering. I wanted a different option and began working with a network of independent ranchers who are committed to humanely raising animals outdoors and without the use of antibiotics," says Ells.

"Food With Integrity"

The spokesman says that currently, about 75 percent of all Chipotle's chicken is naturally raised, but "we are working hard to get back to 100 percent."

According to the Chipotle Mexican Grill website, they like to use only antibiotic free chicken:

By U.S. law, all chicken available today must be raised without added growth hormones. But we're overachievers. Our ultimate goal is to have 100 percent of our chickens raised without the use of antibiotics...We also want to avoid any supplier that uses additional additives in their feed, like arsenic. They see this as a way to make chickens grow faster. We think arsenic sounds a lot like poison.

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