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Chinese Company Eyes US GMO Market

Ears of corn hang on stalks

Chinese biotech company Origin Agritech has announced plans to grow genetically modified corn in the United States next year.

If approved, the plan would mark the first time a Chinese firm has tested GMO corn abroad.

Because of concerns about the safety of GMO crops, China's policies have been in limbo and no new GMO crops have been approved for planting in Chinese soil.

Origin still has many regulatory hurdles to overcome before its plan bears any fruit.

The company has developed corn with two genetically engineered traits to repel pests. But analysts say the firm will have to offer better prices to compete with more robust products from industry giants like Monsanto.

Domestic restrictions have pushed Chinese companies to look elsewhere to market their products.

This year China National Chemical Corp made a bid to take over agribusiness giant Syngenta. Recent offers have been rejected, but negotiations are ongoing.

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