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Have it Your Way: Chicken Poblano Enchiladas Or Fajitas

chicken enchiladas with rice and avocado

There's something so gratifying about cooking with vegetables you've grown. Being part of the entire process, from seed to dish, brings much joy to the dinner table.

This year we've had a remarkable season with the extreme hot weather bringing my family the best pepper harvest in a long time. Poblanos are especially abundant.

A Few Steps

After deciding to make rustic chicken poblano enchiladas with sweetened caramelized onions and a roasted tomatillo salsa verde, I went out to the garden with my son and picked ripe tomatillos and tomatoes of all colors, shapes and sizes.

Enchiladas are easy to make but do require a few steps. For this recipe I roasted the poblano peppers (for filling) and the tomatillos (for sauce), which gives these vegetables a deep sweet flavor and cuts the spiciness of the peppers.

Really, you could stop at the filling, warm up some flour tortillas, and have melt-in-your-mouth chicken poblano fajitas ready to go. To turn my fajitas into enchiladas, though, I wrapped the filling in corn tortillas and whipped up a quick salsa verde.

Either way, whether you choose chicken poblano fajitas or enchiladas, this meal is sure to please.

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