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Cary Fowler: Plants Are On The Front Lines Of Climate Change

Entrance to Svalbard Global Seed Vault

Think of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault like a safety deposit box for seeds. It houses 880,000 unique seed samples.

You may remember a story Chad Bouchard reported last month about widespread fear that the vault had flooded. That wasn't true, as Cary Fowler told news organizations. He helped start the seed vault in 2008. Svalbard and its seeds are secure, but Fowler does agree that climate change is impacting everything we do in agriculture:

We see the effects of climate change already in our agricultural systems. Politicians might want to debate whether it's happening and what's causing it, but the plants in the field are on the front lines.

Now seemed like a good time to revisit a conversation Trish Kerle had with Fowler in the WFIU studios last year.

Then, we continue our series of fruit recipes with cherries, blackberries and cranberries. Chef Daniel Orr takes a turn as bartender.

And from Harvest Public Media, we worry about protecting our personal information from identity thieves. If you're the U.S. agriculture industry, you worry about guarding your intellectual property.

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