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Canning And Roasting Salsa, Saving Seeds To Save Food Supply


The one way to be sure to not be nervous about canning is to keep a clean kitchen, sterilize the materials beforehand and use a recipe. If you're doing all those things, you have very little reason to worry.

Stephanie Solomon is back along with Marcia Veldman and Lorre Heber. Along with canning tips, they talk about their favorite salsa recipes.

Chef Daniel Orr throws together some salsa using tomatillos from his garden. Before that, a homemade pizza is a perfect way to use up lots of the veggies you're harvesting these days.

We visit the Fort Knox of seeds in Colorado with Harvest Public Media.

And speaking of seeds, author Janisse Ray's book The Seed Underground reminds us that every morsel of food comes from a seed.

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