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Canned Foods, BPA and Sexual Health

Recent studies show that men exposed to bisphenol-A have a better chance of experiencing erectile dysfunction. Bisphenol A, or BPA, is commonly used as an additive in plastic bottles and cans.

Consumer Reports examined three different samples of each canned item for bisphenol-A and found that the greatest levels of BPA tests were found in canned green beans and soups.

Other research link the chemical to breast cancer and heart disease. Nicholas Kristof wrote an article in the New York Times regarding the fatal effects of BPA, stating:

"More than 92 percent of Americans have BPA in their urine, and scientists have linked it - though not conclusively - to everything from breast cancer to obesity, from attention deficit disorder to genital abnormalities in boys and girls alike... "

A recent article from the Atlantic also weighed in on "controversial" debate of whether or not BPA should be banned from consumer products. For more about BPA and food safety, check out the full article from the Atlantic, or this excellent post by Jill Richardson on La Vida Locavore.

What do you think? Another reason to reduce your consumption of packaged, processed foods? Let us know in the comments.

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