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Calculating Diets--Why Does The USDA Want To Keep Its Numbers Under Wraps?

Angela Babb was just trying to figure out how the USDA calculates the amount of money allocated to each SNAP recipient. She didn't know it was going to take a FOIA to find out (photo Courtesy of Angela Babb).

This week we have Angela Babb back on our show.

This time she has a new and gripping story to tell about what the government might not want you to know about how food stamp allotments are calculated.

Angela Babb is a food researcher and a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Ostrom Workshop at Indiana University.

Her research into the USDA's Thrifty Food Plan took her down some unexpected roads and lead to her filing a Freedom of Information Act request when government officials denied her the data she needed.

Also this week, Harvest Public Media shares the second installment in their farmland transfer series

And Chef D warms us up with some Sage Advice.

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