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Burgers, Root Veggies And Beer

celery root

Wash Down Veggies And Beef With A Local Brew

According to the USDA, being certified organic means farmers produce crops and livestock "with the exclusion of all synthetic chemicals, antibiotics and hormones." Fiedler Farms, located in Perry County, Indiana on the Ohio River, is one such certified organic farm. Jim Fiedler moved from New York City back to his family farm in 2002. They started off with cows and then added sheep and pigs to the operation. Rebecca Fiedler is especially passionate about their heritage breed pigs.

Hey vegetarians, this next recipe is for you -- the Harrison Lake Garden Burger. After three years of enjoying all the food we eat here at Earth Eats, I can say very confidently that this is hands down my favorite recipe, and I am a meat eater! The beet vinaigrette adds so much color and flavor to this dish. It's one of those sauces that's good on just about anything.

Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis took home 8 awards at the recent Great American Beer Festival in Denver Colorado. Their success helped propel Indiana to the highest winning rate at the festival -- 10 out of 52 entries. Liz Leslie stopped by the tasting room to speak with the two founders, both Indiana natives, Dave Colt and Clay Robinson.

Back into the kitchen at FARM Bloomington with Chef Daniel Orr. He's collected a pile of root vegetables. He removes the tendrils and tough outer skin from the celery roots for our Celery Root Remoulade.

Yukon Gold potatoes will be the base for our final two recipes. Bubble & Squeak is an English dish with Brussels sprouts and Stoemp uses carrots and is from Brussels.

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