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Brazilian Snacks For World Cup, Tool Share At The Hub


What you want to do with this -- which is a little different than most collard green dishes --Â is you're going to cut them as finely as you can. What this allows you to do is to have collard greens without having them stew for half-hour, 45-minutes or (if you're my grandmother) three hours.

Keeping our greens fresh and toothsome with Chef Daniel Orr. He's making several dishes today, all with a Brazilian feel in celebration of the World Cup.

Improving America's waterways will improve Midwestern farmers' bottom lines. Harvest Public Media with another story about offering authentic farm experiences for visitors.

And, they call it the Hub because there's so much more than just a food pantry at Mother Hubbard's Cupboard. This community food resource center now offers a tool share program for cooking and gardening.

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