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Eat Like A Brazilian For The World Cup

feijoada, biscuit, orange slices, roasted tomatoes

Olé olé olé!

We have World Cup fever in the Earth Eats office, especially since the Brazilian snacks we've been enjoying during the games are so delicious.

Check out the spread Chef Daniel Orr put together, beginning with...

Salgadinhos (Appetizers)

Romeo & Juliet, a pairing of goiabada (guava paste) with Minas cheese. Chef Daniel Orr substituted a hunk of his favorite cheese -- manchego. It's especially tasty spread on fresh-from-the-oven biscuits.

Pão de Queijo is Brazilian cheese bread. It's baked with tapioca flour and made with muffin tins. Chef Daniel Orr says it reminds him of a turnover -- think Yorkshire Pudding. Here's a recipe to try in your kitchen.

Codfish fritters, or bolinhos de bacalhau. Serve these with hot sauce and wedges of lime. If you want to eat like Brazilians, don't forget your manners! Spear them with a toothpicks instead of using your fingers.

Now for dinner:

Feijoada is the national dish of Brazil. Chef Orr describes this meat and bean stew as including "everything but the oink" -- as in, it's a great way to use up the less-desireable portions of the animal. Serve it topped with farofa or bread crumbs. It may seem odd to fix a warm stew in the summer, but hey, the World Cup only happens every four years! Give this recipe a shot.

Couve a Mineira are Brazilian-style collard greens. This side makes a nice pairing with the heartiness of the feijoada. Here's Chef Orr's recipe.

Massaged Kale Salad is about as easy as a recipe gets. Slice the kale into very thin ribbons and rub olive oil into the greens, salt and pepper to taste, and enjoy! No cooking necessary with this recipe.

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