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Beyond Bok Bok: Crispy Orange-Glazed Duck

white duck head (alive)

Out Of The Chicken Rut

When you cook as much as I do, it's easy to fall into a rut! But you can only have so much chicken.

To break the monotony, my family has been eating more and more duck over the last several years. It's a flavorful bird that, in my opinion, has really been underused by the home cook.

It can be daunting to branch out into new culinary territory, and a few of my friends comment that they avoid duck because they don't know how to prepare it. Thanks to this post, though, this excuse will no longer be valid.

Where To Find It And What To Do With It

Another problem is most consumers don't know where to get less common poultry items. I used to buy my ducks at a local Asian market, but now I go to Maple Leaf Farms, an Indiana-based producer. (You can read their detailed 'Stewardship' handbook here and decide for yourself what you think of the company.)

For this particular meal, I used two pre-roasted duck halves. The total preparation time was about 30 minutes, which was perfect on a school night after working all day.

My whole family loved it. That's all I could ever hope for!

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