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Beef Recalled After Ohio Family Falls Ill

Another beef recall is in effect -- Kansas firm Tyson Fresh Meats, Inc. is recalling 131,300 pounds of ground beef that could possibly be contaminated with E. coli.

Tyson issued the recall yesterday after a family in Ohio became ill consuming tainted beef found in their home.

The meat has a "BEST BEFORE OR FREEZE BY" date of "SEP 12, 2011," so the meat is no longer on supermarket shelves. The number "245D" is along the package seam.

Officials are concerned people could have the meat in their freezer, and are urging consumers to check and throw it out.

Five-pound chubs of "73% Lean - 27% Fat" ground beef with the identification code "D-0211 QW" are being recalled as well as three-pound chubs of Butcher's Brand and generic 73/27 percent ground beef. For the complete list with identification numbers and states, see the FSIS release here.

The meat has been shipped to 14 states including Indiana, Tennessee, North and South Carolina and Ohio.

There are measures you can take to avoid illnesses associated with E. coli. Aside from throwing out contaminated meat, wiping any surfaces the meat touched like the refrigerator with bleach will help. The CDC also recommends wiping down the handle of the refrigerator door.

Thoroughly cook meats, and keep raw meat and produce separate. Clean up spills in the refrigerator right away, and always wash your hands.

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