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Bear Meat: Unsafe. (Duh) Eating Chickens, However...

a bear with an open mouth

Photo: tambako (flickr)

The Centers for Disease Control recently released a study showing that eating bear meat can be risky business.

In an analysis performed between 2002 and 2007, researchers found that nearly all of the non-pork cases of trichinosis, a form of intestinal parasite, came from bear meat.

Stay Away From Chicken Too?

Now, that didn't really surprise us, after all, bear is a pretty rare meat, but the ever-popular chicken is not to be trifled with either.

Consumer Reports tested nearly 400 chickens from 100 stores across the US and found that two-thirds of the samples were infected with either campylobacter or salmonella.

The tests revealed that air-chilled chickens were the cleanest, with only 40% harboring pathogens. Â However, most chickens are NOT air chilled, they're chilled by being dunked into cold, chlorinated water.

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