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Tofu+Saffron, The Nitrates Problem, Evolution Of Baby Food

The great thing about this CSA is that artists get paid. Artists are gonna be guaranteed 30 sales. It's rare that you go into a show and you make 30 pieces and they're all gonna sell.

Taking the farm-share model and applying it to a local arts scene. A special story from arts reporter Yael Ksander today.

Tofu instead of oil. That's the quirky thing about Daniel Orr's rouille recipe.

From Harvest Public Media, some farmers are planting cover crops in the soybean fields to help prevent nitrates from seeping into the water supply.

Then, insects for dinner? They speculate that the future of meat might involve less and less livestock.

And, baby food throughout the years with author Amy Bentley. We have an interesting conversation with her about the invention of baby food in the 1920s and then what parents are feeding their infants today.

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