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Apples For Pies, Apples For Soups, Apples For Everything


Now 90 percent of the apples eaten in North America are from just 12 varieties, and most kids can only name two or three different apples, if that.

That's down from 16,000 different varieties of apples Americans had access to at one point in history. Author, ethnobotanist and apple lover Gary Paul Nabhan will be with us to talk about which heirloom apple varieties are his favorite.

In the kitchen, Chef Daniel Orr uses some apples from the tree in his garden to make his Grandma's apple pie. Apples then get added to two simple soup recipes featuring sunchokes.

Before that, we visit a local artisan who uses the spent grain from a local brewery to make unique paper products.

And author Sandor Katz talks about his passion for preserving food.

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