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A Look Back At 2015 With Irene Newton, Kale Chips

queen bee and her worker bees

There's a need out here and we're trying to fill that need. If we didn't have any fertilizer dealers around, corn might make 50 bushels, and you can't survive on 50 bushels of corn.

We'll be talking fertilizer today on Earth Eats. Farmers need it, but the environment pays the price.

Then, a different story about waste from food and how we might turn that back into energy.

2015 was a good year for kale. We bring back one of our favorite recipes.

Then, farmers are stretching the growing season with hoop houses and hydroponics and root cellars, so you might be surprised to hear about the variety of foods available for purchase at the Bloomington Winter Farmers Market.

And, a conversation with biologist Irene Newton, whose study from earlier this year takes a look at what's going on in the guts of queen bees.

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