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WFIU and WTIU form a joint community advisory board


At a time when the way people use media is changing, and our stations’ engagement activities are needed in the communities we serve more than ever, WFIU and WTIU have restructured their Community Advisory Boards into a single team.

Recently, the stations jointly began a strategic planning process designed to make the best use of our shared resources. A few examples of areas where we’re looking to grow include developing more multi-platform content, expanding community engagement opportunities, streamlining development efforts, strengthening local news coverage, and including input from more voices of underserved communities in everything we do.

The newly formed WFIU-WTIU Community Advisory Board ensures that both stations will receive the advice, and draw from the experience, of a well-rounded advisory team.

If you’re interested in adding your voice to Community Advisory Board, please send an email to either or and let us know how your experience might be able to help. We’re especially interested in participation from station members in outlying areas who reflect the increasingly diverse voices in our coverage areas.

Learn more about our Community Advisory Board on our website.