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Stay Fit This Summer With These Wellness Programs On WTIU

Improve your physical and mental wellness with these programs from WTIU!

Food Fix with Mark Hyman MD

Saturday, May 30 at 12:30pm; Tuesday, June 2 at 1pm; and Sunday, June 7 at 2:30pm

Pairing the latest developments in nutritional and environmental science with an unflinching look at the dark realities of the global food system and the policies that make it possible, Food Fix is a hard-hitting manifesto that will change the way you think about—and eat—food forever, and will provide solutions for citizens, businesses, and policymakers to create a healthier world, society, and planet.


Change Your Brain, Heal Your Mind with Daniel Amen, MD

Saturday, May 30 at 2pm; Sunday, May 31 at 7pm; Tuesday, June 2 at 9:30pm; and Thursday, June 4 at 1pm

Dr. Daniel Amen outlines six practical steps to make one feel happier, sharper, and more in control, including strategies to help with a variety of things from anxiety to addictions.


3 Steps to Pain Free Living

Sunday, May 31 at 10:30am and June 3 at 1pm

Neuromuscular therapist, yoga instructor, and pain specialist Lee Albert presents five specific exercises to effectively eliminate the root cause of many painful conditions by balancing the muscles that are responsible for that condition.
 3 Steps

Relieving Stress with Yoga With Peggy Cappy

Sunday, May 31 at 12pm and Sunday, June 7 at 4pm

Discover how to relieve stress with yoga and special breathing techniques. Using simple strategies that can be added to a daily routine, Peggy shows how to calm the nervous system and ease symptoms of anxiety, including tensions, tightness, and pain.

Relieving Stress

Aging Backwards 3 With Miranda Esmonde-White

Sunday, June 7 at 12pm

Former ballerina Miranda Esmonde-White uses groundbreaking science to develop a practical six-point plan anyone can use to keep their minds sharp and their bodies active using gentle daily movement.

Aging Backwards