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The Great Thanksgiving Listen


As StoryCorps celebrates 20 years, the nonprofit inspires people to craft an oral history of our times by recording interviews with elders, mentors, friends, and anyone they admire. The Great Thanksgiving Listen aims to help us remember the life and times of a whole generation, documenting our loved ones’ stories from their own perspectives.

Established in 2003, StoryCorps’ mission is “to help us believe in each other by illuminating the humanity and possibility in us all – one story at a time.” Since its founding, this organization has gathered meaningful conversations from over 640,000 Americans. These conversations are gathered in the U.S. Library of Congress in what has become largest single collection of human voices gathered in history.

StoryCorps also broadcasts these many stories to 12 million listeners weekly on NPR.

This Thanksgiving, the nonprofit is asking Americans nationwide to honor the stories of those they’re thankful for, highlighting hope, human potential, obstacles and the overcoming of obstacles.

To be a part of the story, record an interview with someone in the same room using the free StoryCorps App or record with someone in a different location using the remote recording platform, StoryCorps Connect. StoryCorps calls on individuals to ask interviewees what they’re thankful for, what their proudest moments are, and which little details mattered the most.

Some of these stories may be shared during StoryCorps’ weekly program on WFIU. To learn more, visit StoryCorps’ website here.