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‘Sylvia & Friends’ comes to a close at the end of this month

Sylvia McNair

Dear Friends,

Sylvia & Friends is at least half YOU, my friends all over the country. But after more than five years of weekly broadcasts, I have decided it's time to bring Sylvia & Friends to a close. It's been grand and I've loved every minute of it, but it's time for me to begin my retirement.

As I have said SO often, one of the greatest parts of being at WFIU has been working with people who are half my age and twice as smart: Joe Goetz, Mark Chilla, Aaron Cain, and John Bailey. They've made it tremendous fun and I shall miss them all.

And I will miss YOU too! Knowing your radios were on in Bloomington and your streaming devices were on in Tucson, Santa Fe, Mansfield, Boston, and Washington, DC to hear some stories and listen to music together has brought me great joy. THANK YOU ALL!!

—Sylvia McNair

The last episode of Sylvia & Friends airs Saturday, December 30 from 10am-1pm on WFIU2 and Sunday, December 31 from 9pm-12am on WFIU. Starting in January, our classical music programming lineup will change as follows:

Saturdays on WFIU2
Beginning January 6, 2024

7–9 am: Collector’s Corner
9–11am: Performance Today Weekend
11am–1pm: Classical Music with Christopher Burrus

Sundays on WFIU
Beginning January 7, 2024

8–10pm: WFMT Orchestra Series
10–11pm: Feminine Fusion
11pm–12am: Hearts of Space