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Spring Fund Drive



It is springtime and that means it’s pledge drive time at WFIU. We are proud to be your local source of in-depth news, powerful storytelling, and wonderfully curated music—connecting us all as a community. But this NPR station is different because it's locally owned and operated, and is funded in a very large way by listeners like YOU.

Our spring on-air drive is our chance to remind you of how important you are to the station, and how we must all work together to make sure WFIU is always here to feed the hearts and minds of our community.

Show your pride in supporting this vital public service by choosing a thank-you gift when you donate. It’s our way of saying thanks for supporting this important work. 

The week will be filled with different themes such as our popular Pet Day, New Member Monday, and Five Dollar Friday! And we are so excited to debut our new “Listen Local” design by Bloomington-based artist, Danielle Lucas of Studio Loupe. Danielle, with her unproductive but good-natured two-dog staff. beautifully captured the mission and spirit of WFIU with this creative design! We know you will sport this design with pride! 

Danielle created this design for WFIU, saying, "My primary inspiration behind the Listen Local design is nostalgia.  There is something so comforting to me about the fact that public radio remains a constant in a world of constantly changing media, and that allows me to consume news, stories, and music without staring at a screen.  It makes me feel connected to the past, as so many generations before us have listened to radio in exactly the same way.  So, designing a radio that feels a little bit retro in its elements and colors, like something that used to sit on my grandparents' dresser, felt like the right choice for eliciting that nostalgic, familiar feeling.  I am so excited to see members of our community wearing this shirt, and so grateful to be supporting local radio in this way."


 Ready to give? Great! You can head to our donation form to get started and make sure to check out all of the great “Listen Local” gifts!


“I support WFIU because I love how it enhances the feeling of being part of my community. Music streaming services are great for the breadth of content they provide, but they lack the connection with what's going on in Bloomington's exceptional arts and entertainment opportunities and WFIU provides that connection. I also appreciate and rely on Indiana Public Media as a trusted and reliable source of local news.” – Greg O., Bloomington


At WFIU YOU are at the heart of what we do. As a member of our listening community, YOU put the PUBLIC in listener supported WFIU Public Radio!

Consider some fo the reasons why you count on WFIU so often....

  • You need a trusted source for the latest news and factual information
  • You need to have questions answered and your curiosity satisfied
  • You need to be invigorated by new ideas and culture
  • You understand the importance of remarkable, independent journalism
  • You need the vital community connections of diverse voices and conversations

When you support WFIU this spring, you help ensure we can continue to deliver quality news, celebrate music, and strengthen the bonds that make our community a vibrant place to live.  Be sure to  join us on Monday, March 25 for our local community partner day, where we will share more about how you can benefit from our local corporate support partners. Stay tuned! 

Moments you spend with WFIU are well spent.  Make your gift of support for this community resource today! 


As you listen and support WFIU during our spring pledge drive, play along with our first-ever Spring Pledge Drive Bingo! You can download the bingo card, listen, mark your card and let us know when you “hit” a bingo by emailing us at When you do, we'll enter you to win a WFIU Mystery Swag Box.  You never know what great WFIU-branded thank you gifts you'll unpack.  Good luck! 


Download your bingo card here!


As a WFIU Sustainer, you are the foundation of WFIU.  Your ongoing membership not only makes it possible for WFIU to continue to provide the reliable, trustworthy journalism and local-curated music programming that you and our shared communities depend on every day, but also to plan for the future. 

Remember, WFIU Sustainers are automatically entered into WFIU drawings! So Sustainers, now is a good time to update your card information or increase your existing support: 

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And, don’t forget:  As a Sustainer, you are eligible to receive a thank you gift every year. If you haven't gotten a thank you gift yet this drive, take a look at the available gifts online and if there is something you'd like, just let us know.  Give us a call at 800-662-3311 or email us at!

Sustaining members set the stage for budgeting and for paying it forward so everyone has access to WFIU-without a paywall! 

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