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Lyla in the Loop Premieres Feb. 5!


LYLA IN THE LOOP, a funny and engaging animated series for children ages 4-8, will premiere February 5 at 8am on WTIU and will air every day at 8am. The show follows Lyla, a dynamic 7-year-old girl, who lives in a big city with her close-knit family, fantastical blue sidekick Stu, and a host of relatable and quirky characters who use creative and strategic problem-solving and critical thinking skills to address a range of everyday problems together. The new series will debut in both English and Spanish.

LYLA IN THE LOOP centers on Lyla and her family – mom Lydia and dad Louis, who run Loops Lunch diner; older twin sisters Liana and Louisa; younger brother Luke; and sidekick Stu. Lyla also tackles the wackiest of challenges with her best friend Everett Phan. As Series Creator Dave Peth explained, each character brings home the message that “everyone has what it takes to be a creative problem solver.”

Lyla: Outgoing, creative, and optimistic, Lyla loves making, building, and designing for the fun of it. She sees monumental possibilities where others don’t and loves to try new things.
Stu: Literal-minded and loyal, Stu isn’t a pet, and isn’t quite a robot, but he acts in very specific, rule-following ways, serving as an example of computational thinking.
Luke: A rules-driven old soul, Lyla’s little brother enjoys vacuuming and collecting shoelaces. He’s a rigid, careful, and observant thinker.
Liana & Louisa: Lyla’s older twin sisters put their hearts into everything they do, always open to trying new things that make them different (especially from each other).
Lydia: Artistic, creative, and entrepreneurial, Lyla’s mom used to be a set designer for film and theater before starting Loops Lunch with Louis.
Louis: Kind, funny, and always moving, Lyla’s dad is the head chef at Loops Lunch. He loves taking care of people and keeps positive.
Everett: Relaxed and athletic, Everett is Lyla’s best friend and has a mischievous cat named Kibbles.

"LYLA IN THE LOOP focuses on the important skills of creative thinking and problem solving through a thoughtful and adventurous approach that meets children in a funny and relatable way,” said Sara DeWitt, Senior Vice President and General Manager, PBS KIDS. With the support of expert advisors ranging from child psychologists to education and STEM authorities, this program approaches problem solving from many angles, including creative and logical processes exemplified by the characters. Stu even serves as an age-appropriate metaphor for AI when Lyla and her sister navigate the ethics of using his help on an art project.

Following the television premiere, digital content for families and schools will launch with the goal of reinforcing the show’s core messages supporting computational thinking and creative expression.

Starting on February 5, our kids' programming lineup will change as follows:

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