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Join us for Just You & Me in The Soul Kitchen

Brother William Morris and David Brent Johnson

Ho ho ho, have we got a holiday special for you! Remember those TV crossover episodes where characters from one show landed on another—the Love Boat docking at Fantasy Island, The Simpsons meet The X-Files, Superman on I Love Lucy…well, we can’t promise anything that spectacular, but WFIU hosts Brother William (The Soul Kitchen) and David Brent Johnson (Just You & Me) are conducting a musical summit that we’re calling “Just You & Me in The Soul Kitchen.” David and William will bring you two hours of music that invokes this time of year in various ways, and they’ll share stories about what the songs mean to them.

“Just You & Me in The Soul Kitchen” will air twice, on Saturday, December 23 from 8-10pm, and on Monday, December 25 from 3-5pm.