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Celebrate Bob Ross Month With WTIU!


In honor of Bob Ross’s birthday, Create TV has declared this October to be Bob Ross Month! Celebrate the public media icon with special programming on WTIU’s Create channel! Beginning today through Sunday, there will be three five-hour Bob-a-Thons! Then from October 26 through Bob’s birthday on October 29, you can watch one extra hour of The Joy of Painting each day. 

Enjoy the Bob Ross birthday program schedule on WTIU-Create (30.2): 

Friday, October 23
9pm – 1am

Saturday, October 24

10am – 3pm

Sunday, October 25

12pm – 5pm

Monday, October 26 – Thursday, October 29

9pm – 10pm


More Bob Opps:

Can’t get enough of Bob Ross? Explore The Best of the Joy of Painting collection on WTIU Passport!

Want to explore Bob’s newly refurbished studio? The Journey Indiana team was recently in Muncie to get a sneak peek at The Bob Ross Experience, which opens to the public later this month. More than a museum, this interactive collection provides visitors with participatory experiences centered around Bob's life and paintings. Watch Journey Indiana’s Bob Ross episode Thursday, November 19 at 8pm on WTIU!