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Be your best you in 2023!


Let’s make those New Year’s resolutions more than just words and put your goals into action with these specials aimed at to help you maximize your utmost potential. Harness the inner power of your mind, take control, and understand what your body needs to be happy and healthy. Happy New Year from WTIU!

Memory Rescue with Daniel Amen, MD
Saturday, December 31 at 10:30am


Award-winning psychiatrist, neuroscientist, and New York Times bestselling author Dr. Daniel Amen will show you how to supercharge your memory and remember what matters most to you. This very simple idea to strengthen a person's memory is based on treating the 11 major risk factors that destroy brain function. Most of these risk factors are either preventable or treatable, and Dr. Amen firmly believes your brain's history is NOT your destiny.

Eat Your Medicine: The Pegan Diet with Mark Hyman, MD
Sunday, January 1 at 10:30am


Dr. Mark Hyman has been studying nutrition and treating patients for over 30 years. He practices a style of medicine called Functional Medicine, addressing the root cause of chronic health problems. And one of the most common conditions he treats is known as Feel Like Crap syndrome, a condition he believes is solved by the pegan diet. Join Dr. Hyman as he explains this unconventional wellness approach, which combines aspects of paleo and vegan diets and turns food into medicine.

Joyful Pain Free Living with Lee Albert 
Sunday, January 1 at 12pm


As a neuromuscular therapist, meditation teacher, and yoga instructor, Lee Albert addresses three systems of the body that contribute to pain, stress, and premature aging. He also provides a step-by-step “owner’s manual” for our bodies to maintain a pain-free life and, when necessary, find the way to resolve pain in our knees, back, neck, or elsewhere.

Demystifying Detox
Sunday, January 1 at 1:30pm


Explore popular detox regimens and separate fact from fiction to improve your overall health and well-being. Alejandro Junger, MD, often called the “Father of Detox,” provides practical tools to support and rejuvenate our bodies, busting commonly held myths and misconceptions, while providing a simple, straightforward, and easy-to-follow plan based on science and research.

Relieving Stress with Yoga with Peggy Cappy
Sunday, January 1 at 3pm


Discover how to relieve stress with yoga and special breathing techniques. Using simple strategies that can be added to a daily routine, join Peggy as she explains how to calm the nervous system and ease symptoms of anxiety, including tensions, tightness and pain.

Your DNA Secrets Revealed
Sunday, January 1 at 4pm


Learn about the science of DNA and the role genetics plays in our longevity, and well-being. Hosted by author, educator, and genetic genealogist Diahan Southard, and including interviews with noted biologists and researchers, this program explains why genealogical science is critical to understanding who we really are and how it can help us make smarter, more informed choices about our health.