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Be your best you in 2024!

New Year New You

Is health and wellness one of your New Year's resolutions? WTIU has you covered! Tune into your New Year's Day lineup for advice on memory, aging, fitness, and more:


Brain-Gut Connection With Dr. Emeran Mayer
Monday, January 1 at 11am

We have all experienced the connection between our mind and our gut—the decision we made because it “felt right.” In the Brain-Gut Connection, Dr. Emeran Mayer, professor of medicine and executive director of the UCLA Center for Neurobiology of Stress, offers a revolutionary and provocative look at this developing science, teaching us how to harness the power of the mind-gut connection to take charge of our health.


Young Forever With Mark Hyman, MD
Monday, January 1 at 12:30pm

We think disease, frailty, and gradual decline are inevitable parts of life. But they don't have to be. Science today sees aging as a treatable disease. In this Young Forever program, Dr. Mark Hyman challenges us to reimagine our biology, health, and the process of aging. To uncover the secrets to longevity, he explores the biological hallmarks of aging, their causes, and their consequences—then shows us how to overcome them with simple dietary, lifestyle, and emerging longevity strategies.


5 Minute Yoga Fix with Peggy Cappy
Monday, January 1 at 2pm

Learn how to combat the effects of aging in just five minutes a day. Each short period of stretching, strength-building, and specialized breathing contributes to greater flexibility, strength, and mental clarity. After years spent teaching and practicing, Peggy has designed a way of incorporating yoga into our daily lives.


Memory Makeover with Daniel Amen, MD
Monday, January 1 at 3pm

Ever misplace your phone, forget someone’s name, or struggle to find the right words? Of course, you have. It happens to all of us. But if you find it happening more and more it may be a sign of trouble. In this program, psychiatrist and founder of Amen Clinics Dr. Daniel Amen will show you how you can improve your memory and even rescue it if it’s headed for trouble, sharing the seven foods and supplements research shows you can use daily to enhance your memory.


Joyful Pain Free Living with Lee Albert
Monday, January 1 at 5pm

As a neuromuscular therapist, meditation teacher, and yoga instructor, Lee Albert addresses three systems of the body that contribute to pain, stress, and premature aging. He also provides a step-by-step “owner’s manual” for our bodies to maintain a pain-free life and, when necessary, find the way to resolve pain in our knees, back, neck, or elsewhere.