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5th annual NPR Student Podcast Challenge


Announcing the 5th annual NPR Student Podcast Challenge

The NPR Student Podcast Challenge is back for its fifth year! The contest is open to students in grades 5 through 12. Students, with the help of their teacher or adult leader, are invited to put together a podcast with their class or extracurricular group. Each podcast should be between 3 and 8 minutes long and must be submitted by a teacher or a student leader who’s a grown-up. The deadline for submissions is April 28, 2023.

This year, NPR has added a thematic award for the best podcast dealing with mental health. It is an issue that has been on the minds of many students, teachers, and families. Students are encouraged to explore whatever personal story or topic speaks to them.

NPR’s team of judges will review submissions and select a group of finalists. From there, one submission will be designated as the Grand Prize winner, and that individual or team will be featured on NPR’s Morning Edition or All Things Considered.

This opportunity has introduced more than 40,000 students to the world of audio storytelling and public radio. We have seen so many different topics covered in these entries relevant to student experiences and look forward to seeing new stories brought to life in this year’s challenge.

Visit for more information plus a host of training materials, guides for sound recording and audio production, and what you can—and can’t—do with music.

So, students, we can’t wait to hear from you! Put on your headphones, plug in your microphones, and start recording!