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Beautiful by Design: The Indiana University Bloomington Campus takes a look at one of the most beautiful college campuses in America. Watch a preview:

Walking across the Indiana University Bloomington campus one cannot help but be charmed by its natural topography, native limestone, and appealing architecture. But the campus’s beauty is not by chance. Careful planning and cultivation went into creating an environment that evokes feelings of admiration and wonder. Beautiful by Design explores distinctive features of this campus—and the reasons for its appeal.

There are few places on campus where you can walk in a straight line, and this has been quite intentional. When the trustees moved the location of the university to Dunn’s Woods in 1884 after a fire destroyed the original facility, they also abandoned the square design of the Seminary campus. This mirrored a shift toward a liberal arts education and a newly placed value on science, independent thinking, and fostering new ideas.

As the documentary reveals, this philosophy is embodied in every aspect of the campus scenery, with its curving paths, isles of green, buildings that look out on nature, courtyards, benches, and artworks that encourage reflection. Students, faculty, staff, and visitors can chart their own journey across campus, taking in the scenery and making new discoveries along the way.


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