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What do you want to eat before the world ends on Friday?

  • An advertising image for the Food Truckalypse event featuring an image of an explosion over a cityscape.

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    If you’re in the Miami area, head over to Hialeah’s Amelia Earhart Park for the Food Truckalypse, an end-of-the-world gathering of food trucks serving up end-of-the-world fare with names like “Meteor Meatballs” (meatballs with lava sauce), “Chocolate Cherry Brain Cake” (which is, quote, “oozing with blood”), and “The Last Burrito” (a classic burrito stuffed with grilled chicken, carne asada and pork). I think I’d line up for a “Say cheese cuz you gonna die motherf…!” -- a burger smashed between two grilled-cheese sandwiches. They’re rounding out the event with beer, wine and a doomsday preacher.

  • A restaurant table covered with a white tablecloth and set with decorative red napkins.

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    The Mayan Café in Louisville, Kentucky, is living up to its name by recognizing the end of the Mayan calendar. Just a two-hour drive from the Earth Eats' hometown of Bloomington, Indiana, the farm-to-table restaurant is offering a special menu of lobster ceviche, tamales, pork and margaritas. Road trip, anyone?

  • The

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    Brewers around the country have bottled special beers made with “Mayan” ingredients: chilies, cocoa, corn and more. “We decided to look at Mayan culture and figure out what they would make,” says Tom Young, brewmaster of Nevada’s Great Basin Brewing Company, to NPR. Great Basin’s “Mayan, Maybe?” beer is “Brewed for the apocalypse. Or not.”

  • This monster burger has twelve patties with a slice of cheese between each and a dozen slices of bacon on top.

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    If the world’s ending, why worry about your arteries? Carls Jr. has developed a "12x12x12" burger in their test kitchen: twelve beef patties, twelve slices of cheese, and, of course, twelve slices of bacon.

  • The TGI Friday's logo.

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    The end of the world will fall on a Friday, so T.G.I. Friday’s is hoping you’ll spend your last meal with them. Their “The Last Friday” event features a special menu (pretzel sticks are “The Last First Bite” and a whiskey cake dessert is “The Final Countdown”). Guests have the chance to win a “Survival Kit”, which includes most of what you need to mix a Red Bull martini.

The world may be ending on December 21st, or it may not be. It all depends on how you feel about the Mayan Calendar and its modern-day interpretation.

Regardless, food businesses large and small are finding ways to capitalize on the potential for apocalypse.

If you want to sample these items, do it soon — after all, you may only have until Friday.

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Sarah Gordon

Sarah Gordon has been interested in food ethics since she was 15, learned about industrial slaughter, and launched into 10 years of vegetarianism. These days, she strives to be a conscientious omnivore. Now a PhD candidate in folklore, her research has caused her to spend a lot of time in the remote Canadian sub-arctic, where the lake trout (sustainably harvested) tastes amazing.

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