The INbox Is Saying ‘So Long’

July 7, 2020
INbox logo

WFIU and WTIU launched The INbox in spring of 2018 with the goal of using a digital-minded approach to storytelling; to highlight the most fascinating people, events and history of Indiana in ways we weren’t able to on radio or television.

Through the series’ tenure, we’ve been able to celebrate overlooked artists, learn the history of our homes and get to know the people improving our communities - or at the very least, the ones making them more fun. We even got the chance to learn just how many calories are in a 600-lb. pie. (It’s a lot.)

We’ve been able to experiment with video and audio, and we’ve given young writers at Indiana University a space to tell the stories they care about.

Just a little over two years later, The INbox is saying goodbye.

We’re sad to see The INbox go, but we’re even more excited about what’s yet to come. The same team that wrote articles and produced videos for The INbox is currently at work on new, web-first content for WFIU and WTIU.

Be sure to watch Journey Indiana for more stories of unique Hoosier experiences, and follow WFIU and WTIU News for the latest on south central Indiana. And for videos about geek culture around Indiana, check out [Indi]android.

Thanks for reading, watching and showing interest in your community. See you soon.

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