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May 14, 2012


Teenage Patriots In Wartime Indianapolis

“Is the youth of today too happy? Is everything a joke?" wrote a teen. " Do our homes have to be bombed before we’ll realize that now is the time to prepare?”

March 28, 2011


A Hoosier Woman on the World War II Homefront

"It takes all kinds of people to fight a war. There are soldiers and sailors. And then there are those who only stand and wait. I was a draftee’s wife.”

September 6, 2010


The Hoosier Roots of the 49th State

When the longest-serving Republican Senator perished in a plane crash in August 2010, obituaries recalled the Alaska legislator’s Hoosier roots.

March 15, 2010


Teaching around Jim Crow…Merze Tate

Being the first African-American to graduate from Western Michigan Teachers College wasn't enough to land Merze Tate a teaching job in her home state.

April 6, 2009


Taking a Gamble on Contemporary Art

The story of modern art in the United States can not be told without acknowledging the role played by “Indiana’s wild bunch of gamblers in art.” Bound by a common “interest in contemporary art, together with a willingness to take chances” and to pay annual dues of $25, an Indianapolis-based group calling itself the Gamboliers […]

January 14, 2008


Shortridge High School

Indianapolis-born Kurt Vonnegut always placed his alma mater--Shortridge High School--beyond the range of his trademark slings and arrows.

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