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Goose Pond

The Four Seasons of Goose Pond takes viewers on an amazing wildlife adventure through what is quickly becoming one of the most famous restored wetlands for migratory birds in America.

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Witness vivid examples of this amazing wetland success story, beginning with a 4th Grade Field Trip and an excited group of youngsters who are ready to “dig in the mud” on their way to future careers as naturalists.

Next, during "the largest citizen scientist event in the world," record numbers of bird species are counted at Goose Pond for the National Audubon Society’s Annual Christmas Bird Count.

With the Sandhill as its mascot, Marsh Madness kicks off in celebration of the seasonal return of tens of thousands of Sandhill Cranes.

And finally, experience a Community Birding Day at Goose Pond with rare, close-up glimpses of nesting Black-crowned Night Heron chicks, as well as other exotic migratory species.

Plus, as an added bonus, The Four Seasons of Goose Pond features exquisite portraits taken by some of the best wildlife photographers in America.

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