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Jurassic Quest is Bringing Dinosaurs Back to Life – At Least for the Weekend

November 16, 2018
        A woman and her child look up at a life-size animatronic dinosaur.

Amateur paleontologists young and old will get the chance to walk among the most realistic recreations of dinosaurs this side of Isla Nublar when Jurassic Quest sets up shop at the Indiana State Fairgrounds in Indianapolis this weekend.

Jurassic Quest is a roadshow museum with all the makings of a family event: bounce houses, craft stations, face paintings – but there are a few things that set it apart. A few, giant, walking, growling things.

“When you go to an exhibit and you see bones at a typical museum, it’s obviously a really cool thing to see. But when you see flesh and teeth and eyes and movement, it gives you a sense of how different the earth was way back when,” said Jurassic Quest Show Manager Dustin Baker.

The people behind Jurassic Quest use a combination of animatronics and puppetry to bring to life over 100 different dinosaurs in habitat scenes respective of the Mesozoic Era. Or, at least until the smaller ones start stretching their legs around the venue.

Baker says parents will get plenty out of the event, although it is geared more toward children. Kids can create their own fossil molds, take part in a simulated fossil dig or even take an exhibit tour to see some real fossils up close.

The educational angle is important to Jurassic Quest. Baker says the event has tried to stay as updated as possible in the five years it’s been around, bringing on paleontologists to consult on their dinosaur designs.

“The more information we get, that influences the look of the dinosaurs we have,” Baker said. Be they scaly, furry or feathered, Jurassic Quest wants its beasts to look as scientifically accurate as possible.

With its year-round tour schedule Jurassic Quest seems to be a fan of the Hoosier State. Baker says this weekend mark’s the event’s third time in Indianapolis, with previous shows popping up in Fort Wayne as well.

But every time the roadshow returns, Baker says the kids are just as enthusiastic as before.

“I think every kid is big on dinosaurs once you learn about them,” Baker said. “At first they’re hesitant. But once they get in…they’re just overtaken by these large creatures, and they’re in love.”

Jurassic Quest takes over the Indiana State Fairgrounds November 16 to 18, and most tickets start around $20. You can find more information at their website.

Featured image courtesy of Jurassic Quest.