IU's Devonte Green has a 'Grand Theft Auto' Tattoo that's Appropriately Specific

March 26, 2019
Devonte Green IU basketball shooting
Photo: Indiana Basketball

It’s not uncommon for athletes to wear their passions on their sleeves. For Indiana University Men’s Basketball Guard Devonte Green, his might give some insight into what's behind his shooting skills.

An eagle-eyed spotter on Twitter took note of Green’s own personal cheat code this weekend: 

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That’s the cheat code for unlimited ammunition for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas on the PlayStation 2 running down the back of his arm. It's already garnering him plenty of attention.

Green says he got the tattoo back in August. "Basically, I thought to myself, 'I'm a cheat code when it comes to basketball,'" he said. That sentiment even inspired this video Green tweeted of his highlights done in the style of the San Andreas main menu.





"I had to use San Andreas [for the tattoo] because as a kid, I used to have all the cheat codes handwritten on a piece of paper," Green said, "so that every time I was getting ready to play, I would have the cheat codes ready."

And it’s not Green’s only nerdy tattoo. He’s also got a mushroom from the Super Mario series and the Nine-Tails seal from the long running Naruto anime. He said they're part of a cartoon-themed sleeve he's working on.

"I have many other cartoons tatted with hidden meanings behind each one. I'd probably have to type up two pages to explain them all," Green said.

His tattoo should prove especially helpful if the Hoosiers ever take on the GameSharks.