'I Got My Wings Back': Martinsville's Art Sanctuary

July 30, 2019
Hopeful Butterfly by Linda Barrett

The exterior of Martinsville’s old Methodist Church might still look like a space used for worship, but for the past decade, the inside has been revitalized into rentable studio spaces for artists to work in as well as debut their creations to the community.

What started as an artistic retreat meant for members of the community has become a small community of its own.

“You steal energy from one another through laughter,” said artist Linda Barrett. “We love one another and spend a lot of time learning from one another, enjoying all the art and each other's company.”

From jewelry making to the writer’s studio, the sanctuary’s resident artists cover almost every type of media. Many of the artists offer classes and workshops, and once a month all of the studio doors open as they display their work to the public. 

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“I didn’t have an art community before,” said artist Mika Power. “I wasn’t surrounded by like-minded people until I took my first class at the Art Sanctuary. I made new friends and by the third class I saw there was a studio available. I snagged it right away and the rest, as they say, is history.”

Visit the Art Sanctuary website to find out more.