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What Happens To Your Ballot When You Vote Early?

Monroe County does offer electronic voting machines for those who need them because of accessibility (Barbara Brosher, WFIU/WTIU News).

Early voting starts Wednesday in Indiana. And, while you may cast your ballot before Election Day, it will be counted on the same day as everyone else’s.

Voters in Monroe County will submit paper ballots, unless they need to use an electronic machine for accessibility reasons. 

Election Supervisor Karen Wheeler says votes cast during early voting will stay in a locked room until Nov. 6.

"They are scanned on Election Day," she says. "So, when you vote early, it’s really stating that you have given your intent to vote. But, the actually voting happens on Election Day with everyone."

She says it’s one of several security measures in place to safeguard the election process.

The machines that scan the ballots are never connected to the internet, and have multiple backup data systems.

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